Lainey Visits the Islands of Loreto

Ranked as one of the top 10 luxury hotel and golf courses in the world by Elite Traveler, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa at the Islands of Loreto is splendorous and an epicenter for true Mexican hospitality. This luxury resort located in Loreto Baja California Sur has distinguished itself from the competition by consistently upholding the highest standards of service.

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is a proud recipient of the 2020 Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

We are proud to announce that each Villa Group destination has now been recognized as a Certified Safe Travel location by the World Travel Tourism Council. This means that each of our resorts have gone above and beyond in researching the best preventative measures and sanitizing protocols prior to reopening. As visitors will confirm, our staff has successfully implemented these practices and we continue doing everything possible to keep guests and their families safe.

Lainey’s Testimonial

Lainey, ResortCom Trainer, recently traveled to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto following the government mandated shutdowns that took place across the world. Below she shares a recap of her extraordinary experience.

“It’s 6:30 am, and I am about to board the plane from LAX to Loreto; as I wait at gate C26, I observe all the people around me. These individuals are all going to the same destination. Now, this isn’t like any other travel experience where everyone lands in one city and scatters to their determined location; every single person waiting at this gate is ready to arrive at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.

I witnessed large families, small children, beautiful couples, and vacation attire upon all these bright, excited faces. I have never traveled where every person is headed to the same place for 7 days. There was an incredible energy and spark between all of us strangers; all these dedicated people that love Loreto, Mexico. Strangers became new vacation friends because they both had a love for Loreto, the area, and the resort. The entire ride, the plane was filled with guests chattering about their upcoming plans to sip a delicious cocktail by the beach and enjoying all the unique features Loreto has to offer.

Although it was my first-time landing in Loreto, I was exceptionally impressed with the protocols in place to keep all visitors, staff, and locals safe and healthy during this 2020 pandemic. Our temperatures were taken after customs and upon arrival at the resort’s entry gate. Our baggage and shoes were sanitized before stepping foot onto the property. Hand sanitizing stations were placed in convenient locations throughout the entire resort, all while implementing social distancing and offering impeccable service.

The concierge team was waiting for me as I entered the front lobby, welcoming me with an immense amount of gratitude and personal connection. The staff at Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto offers something extra special, and although I had never visited before, they all welcomed me with bright smiles and stated, “Welcome back to your home.” These small details offered a unique connection, and I was eager to finally bury my feet in the Loreto sand.

During the 7 days, I remained in Loreto. Most of my time was spent interacting with the beloved staff, exploring all of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto resort, and venturing into the surrounding lands and waters of this magical, secluded spot. I started my first morning off with a stunning hike to view the 5 Islands of Danzante Bay. I was lucky enough to have a one on one hike with Carlos, the activity director, where I learned about internal instincts for survival skills, the use behind natural plants along the passage and the rich history found within every path, cacti, and ancient rock paintings.

The next night, I embarked on the LED Paddleboarding Tour with Carlos and a small group of people. This was the top excursion I was interested in taking part in, and I enjoyed every single minute! 

As we paddled out and the sun dipped completely into the water, the night’s sky soon filled with billions of diamonds, and as I splashed the water beneath my paddleboard, the water glowed of blue sparkles; this is what I was waiting for!

The ocean fell quiet, and the water became a smooth piece of glass as we gazed at the stars and embraced the natural beauty surrounding us.

I also booked two more excursions for my trip, ATV Riding and the Danzante Island Tour. On Monday, Hervey, the “ATV Expert,” guided my two best friends and I on the most thrilling adventure! We departed from the resort and made our way through the small town of Luigi, passing breathtakingly beautiful greenery and local residences. We kicked our ATV’s into 4-wheel drive mode and rode right alongside the shoreline. We headed up to a cliff and stopped for a stunning view of the Sea of Cortez, where we spotted local scuba divers and manta rays. On our way back, we stopped at the flatbed, where we were granted an adrenaline rush and made circles around each other. This was the most exhilarating ATV experience I have ever endured, and the Loreto lands made this adventure unforgettable.

During the Danzante Island tour, we headed out to Carmen Island and Danzante Island, where we stopped at both locations to snorkel. This was my first time snorkeling in such a biodiverse area. I spotted stingrays, eels, starfish, pufferfish, and thousands of seashells. As a passionate swimmer, I was soaking in every minute of the snorkeling when out of the corner of my eye, I can see dolphins less than a mile away. The passengers on the boat were screaming for everyone to board as there were dolphins, dozens of dolphins ready to race against our catamaran. I cannot express the joy I felt witnessing these magnificent creatures so close in their natural habitat. To see them glide, jump and play, splashing us while we raced against them is a memory I will treasure for life.

Although I was thrilled to explore Loreto as much as I did, I was able to relish in the resort just as much, if not more. The staff was incredibly kind and provided the most impressive service, catering to every need while remembering my favorite drink, Pina Coladas! The poolside service was my favorite spot as the staff took care of my every desire and knew my routine and favorite items to order. The restaurants on-site were decadent and full of flavors with various items to choose from and cooked to perfection.

My most memorable experience was visiting Danzante Fine Dining for dinner; everything was thought of, even the large chairs where I was offered a warm pillow to place behind my back for a more comfortable dining experience. These fine points make a huge staple in ordinary versus extraordinary hospitality, and the resort in Loreto was beyond extraordinary. 

The purpose of this trip was to introduce everyone to our newly designed Pre-Check In product, which is connected to the new ResortCom Digital Wallet feature our members are eligible to sign up for through their member website. This new feature will allow our members to have full control of their expenses and payment methods while traveling. As I spent time at the resort, I met several members and guests of members who have been longtime and frequent visitors. I had the pleasure of introducing this new product to them firsthand and look forward to seeing more of our members enroll in the easy to use and convenient ResortCom Digital Wallet

My experience visiting Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and the surrounding beauty this secluded area has to offer was more than I anticipated. Loreto offers a unique environment with contrasting views of the ocean, mountains and of course, the gorgeous TPC Danzante Golf course I had the pleasure of touring. The staff was more than welcoming and made me feel like a family member on my first day of arrival.

The atmosphere, hospitality, food, and impeccable services make this resort the top vacation spot and will be a place I plan on sharing with all my friends and family in the future.”

—Lainey Johnson, ResortCom Trainer

Our Villa Group resorts are Certified Safe Travel destinations.

We would like to thank Lainey for sharing her travel story with us! If you have enjoyed a recent stay at any of our resorts, we would like to hear about your experience. Please send an email to and provide us with your travel story and images or videos of your vacation experience to be featured on our UVCI Travel Trend Setters Blog and our social media pages!

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