Outback & Camel Safari in Cabo

During my last trip to Cabo San Lucas I embarked on the Outback & Camel Safari with Cabo Adventures.

For this tour, we meet at the Cabo Adventures office to check-in and receive transportation to the Baja Desert, where all of the activities for the day would take place. Upon arrival in the outback area, we were split into two groups of approximately ten people. Our group participated in a guided nature hike through the Baja Desert first where we were able to see exotic plants native to this area. Our guide pointed out edible plants and how to cut these plants open to extract water. I learned that the Jumping Cactus is the most painful cactus in Mexico, which is showcased by the dangerous spikes in the photo below. There is a myth that as you get close to this type of cactus the spikes will “jump” up at you, which is how this cactus received its name.

Large Elephant Cardon cactus or cactus Pachycereus pringlei, also known as the Mexican Giant Cardon Cactus at a desert landscape, Baja California Sur, Mexico

After the hike, our group boarded a caravan for a short ride to the camels. This ride felt like a true adventure as we went off roading through the outback desert. Once we reached the camels, we were introduced to the camel we would by riding and hopped aboard for a unique tour. Each camel was paired with two people and one guide, which made sure that we enjoyed this experience as much as possible.

Our group for this tour with the caravan behind us.

Carla, the Social Media Coordinator at the Villa Group Los Cabos, and I rode on a camel together. Our camel ride and tour commenced in the Baja Desert and lead us onto the beach with breathtaking views of the ocean. The camel we rode was the youngest of the group (about seven years old) and also had the most energy. We started in the back of the camel line but by the end of the tour our little camel ran and passed all the other camels and people. I enjoyed our camel’s playful personality and eagerness to explore everything around us. This was by far my favorite part of the tour as I have never ridden a camel before and found it very calming.

After the camel ride, we participated in a meet and greet with a camel where each group/family had the ability to interact with the camels and take photos with the help of our guide. This was the first time I had been so close to camels and enjoyed their fun and playful personalities. I particularly enjoyed putting a carrot between my teeth to lure the camel in for a kiss (and this made a great photo)!

Carla, the Social Media Coordinator at Villa Group Los Cabos, and I.

Following the meet and greet, we ate lunch overlooking the beach. We were provided with Mexican food and beverages. As we ate, one woman demonstrated how to make homemade tortillas and walked around the tables allowing for volunteers to make their own tortillas. I was amazed that she made the tortillas completely from hand. They were delicious as the corn tasted so fresh!

To finish the day’s activities, we participated in tequila tasting. We tasted five different types of tequila including blanco (white), joven (gold), reposado (aged oak), anejo (extra aged) and extra anejo (ultra-aged) that were all made at a local distillery. As we tasted the different kinds of tequila, our guide talked about the properties of each type of tequila and how they were made.  This was the perfect way to end our adventurous afternoon as the tequila made many people in our group take a siesta on the way back to the Cabo Adventures office.

I highly recommend that you embark on the Outback & Camel Safari during your next vacation to Cabo San Lucas for a once in a lifetime experience.

To book a tour with Cabo Adventures please click here or visit the Activities Office onsite at Villa del Palmar Cabo.

If you have a vacation experience that you would like to share with us, please respond in the comments section below this blog or email it to me at bblanscet@blog.myuvci.com.

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