Sayulita – the Perfect Day Trip Destination

One of the best parts of our resorts is their strategic location. Just a one-hour drive away from our resort Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, and a 40-minute trip from Villa del Palmar Flamingos, you will find the laidback town of Sayulita. Known for its stunning landscapes and colorful cultural life, Sayulita is the perfect destination for any traveler looking to learn more about the vibrant Mexican way of life. Whether you decide to go whale watching or enjoy a carefree shopping spree, you are sure to have an exciting adventure. Here is a list of our favorite things to do in this hipster town.

Release turtles

Between January and June, it is possible to see the release of the turtles on the beach. Typically, it happens during sunset hours. The goal of this Sayulita organization is to relocate the sea turtle nests. What is more, it is possible to adopt a turtle nest for $500 pesos. That means you will have the opportunity to release the baby turtles when your nest hatches. If you are interested in being involved more, you may volunteer at Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita.

Take a tour to Islas Marietas

Although the Marietas Islands, also known as Islas Marietas, are technically located off the coast of Nayarit, they are still considered to be a part of the same state Sayulita is. The tiny islands are an excellent day trip destination for any nature lover. Explore Islas Marietas by heading on snorkeling adventures, admiring the clear waters and fascinating coves. There you will also find La Playa del Amor. Sometimes it is called the Hidden Beach because it is only visible from above. To reach the sand area, you must swim through a tunnel until the hole opens up. Another fun thing to do – hire a fishing boat. If that is not your style, try some birdwatching. Those who are lucky might even catch a glimpse of whales swimming nearby.

Go Whale Watching

Between mid-December and the beginning of April, you may notice these gorgeous animals enjoying the waters of the Nayarit Coast. To have this experience, it is best to take a tour. If you are planning to go whale watching, make sure to choose a company that focuses on the conservation of these beautiful animals. If you are lucky, you might spot the humpback whale, gray whale, and Bryde’s whale.

Taste local foods

An essential part of any culture is its cuisine, and there is no doubt Mexico is a heaven for foodies. In Sayulita, you will find a wide variety of different restaurants and cafes. What is more, in recent years, healthier foods have become the center of attention here. Therefore, you will be able to find delicious yet gut-friendly meals almost anywhere. Whether you are craving a smoothie, a fresh juice, or a colorful salad, you are guaranteed to leave pleased! Be sure to try an avocado margarita if you are looking for a boozy treat!

Go shopping

Sometimes a spontaneous shopping spree is well needed. Thankfully, Sayulita is full of unique shops. Therefore, it will be easy to get your hands on something one-of-a-kind. Make sure to look at the original artifacts that are showcased in some of the shops. Also, remember to spot Huichol art – these stunning multi-colored beaded works have become almost a symbol of Sayulita. Therefore, it is one of the best gifts to take back home with you.

Learn more about the Huichol Culture

Before the Spanish colonized Mexico, Sayulita was the home for Huichol people – descendants of the Aztecs. Although plenty of time has passed, their culture is still an essential part of Mexico, especially the beautiful town of Sayulita. Even nowadays, the Huichol people wear their traditional red and white textiles and are known to be excellent artisans. Stop by the Tierra Huichol Art Gallery to learn more about their history, culture, and traditions.

Enjoy a magnificent sunset

It is a crime to visit Sayulita and not admire its sunsets. Even if you are not a romantic at heart, you will be impressed by the different yellow, pink and red shades painting the sky. What are the best places to visit during sunset hours? Of course, you can always stay on the main beach. If you don’t mind moving a bit, take a 1km hike from the center to Playa Carricitos. Dip your toes in the sand and admire the sun, slowly drifting into the ocean. Bring along some food and drinks to make the experience even more special and have a lovely picnic on the beach. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Go ziplining

Craving a little adrenaline rush? Well, then heading on a jungle canopy zipline tour should be on your itinerary. Located in Rancho Mi Chaparrita, the zipline park includes 13 lines and four suspension bridges. However, the best part of the adventure is the fact that all the lines are spread throughout the jungle. Therefore, you will be literally flying above treetops. Although it may seem scary at first, ziplining truly is a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t regret.

Visit the cemetery

Including a cemetery in your itinerary might seem strange at first, but, for Mexicans, they are an essential part of their culture. Although cemeteries are associated with sadness and grief in some parts of the world, in Mexico, it’s quite the opposite. It is a place to celebrate loved ones who have passed on. When visiting Sayulita, it is worth stopping by its cemetery that is located uniquely close to a sandy beach called “Playa de Los Muertos” (beach of the dead). Just remember to be respectful – it is a sacred place, after all. You will be surprised to learn that a trip to a cemetery can also bring happiness and honor the lives of those here.

Head to the beach

A trip to Sayulita can’t be imagined without having a beach day. Whether you are looking to have an exciting surf session or to have a laid-back day catching a tan, you are in for a treat. The main beach of Sayulita is excellent for everybody who is craving to be in the center of all action. However, those who prefer to avoid crowds would find other beaches of Sayulita to be better. If you wish to explore other beaches as well, make sure to visit Playa Escondida (36 minutes by car)  and Playa Malpaso (a 9 minutes trip by car). Both of these beaches are quite secluded, therefore you won’t have to worry about being crammed next to other people.

Go fishing

When was the last time you caught a fish on your own? Well, in Sayulita, you may get the chance to do it. The beach of the gorgeous town is filled with wooden boats, and even the air has the smell of fish. If you are interested in having a calm fishing session, simply talk with one of the locals. People in Sayulita are incredibly kind and will happily assist with anything you may need. Who knows – you might even catch a sea beam!

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5 thoughts on “Sayulita – the Perfect Day Trip Destination

  1. The pictures look very and we will plan on going there 1 day on our next trip to PV. Is there bus service or taxi service to there?
    I do not know when our next trip will be but the Covid situation is making us leery of traveling.. PV will be our next trip whenever.

    1. Hi Ralph,

      You can take a taxi to Sayulita. Some tour companys also offer day trips as well.

      Hope you enjoy it!

      Best Regards,


    2. Yes there are buses going there very often from Puerto Vallarta and North also, taxis also but are a lot more expensive.

  2. We gave visited here once and look forward to going again. It was absolutely beautiful. Great shopping and great food.

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