Training at our Resorts

We value you as our member and want to ensure that each and every vacation experience you have with us is extraordinary. We are committed to providing an elite standard of service with the most innovative on-site experiences. In accordance with this, our staff is regularly trained and expected to adhere to the highest level of professionalism, ethics, safety, and hospitality measures at all times. Our efforts and proven commitment to exceed those standards make us a leader in our field. Read below for highlights of staff training happening at our resorts, guest testimonials, and more!

Food Preparation and Handling at our Resorts

All of our employees are thoroughly screened and vetted. We pay particular attention to those positions that have the most opportunity to interact with guests, such as Food & Beverage staff, food handlers, bartenders, and other high-visibility and high-responsibility positions. We regularly train all Food & Beverage staff on proper health and food safety rules.

The Villa Group Resorts work with an independent consultant and industry leader Preverisk to create and implement the most cutting-edge health and safety management programs, and consistently exceed the threshold ratings designated by the Ministry of Health through the Mexico Federal Commission. All food and beverage is obtained from only the top providers, whom also hold high ratings in their practices and policies as it relates to their sourcing and distribution practices.

Training Recap

  • Each year the resorts regularly review fire, emergency, and safety protocols. Recently, staff reviewed training on fire extinguisher usage and fire prevention during their hygiene and safety training workshop.

  • Clear communication and teamwork play an essential role in day to day operations at our resorts. Our executive team, hotel staff, and hotel management team underwent an extensive communication training and team building course led by expert instructor and consultant, Lina Márquez. Combined with an in-depth “Knowing My Hotel” reintroduction course, Preverisk training (food safety), Policy Diffusion workshops, and educational webinars, each department worked to reinforce a clear understanding of hotel operations, food safety, customer service, internal processes, and more.

  • The Villa Group believes in equipping its employees with useful life tools essential to mastering their mindset and increasing their performance in and out of the workplace. Staff underwent training that targeted the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and they were coached on utilizing essential skills such as, but not limited to, work-life balance, protectiveness, synergy, developing a winning mindset, organizing, forward-thinking, and more.

Universal Vacation Club International, Resortcom, and the Villa Group work hand in hand to deliver the utmost value and unparalleled hospitality to our guests! The brief training recap above provides a glimpse at some of the critical areas we review with our resort staff on a regular basis. All of which plays an essential role in growing high-performing, well rounded, and effective employees equipped with the skills to be the friendly and professional staff members that you know and love. See below for guest reviews and testimonials from  visitor staying at our award-winning resorts!

Guest testimonial of Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

“Kind and generous staff! My second time staying at Villa del Palmar was just as wonderful as my first. I had an amazing time with my family. All the bartenders, waiters, and waitresses were incredibly pleasant and kind, especially Jose Luis. The food at the restaurants was excellent-especially Neptune at Villa del Arco and the Taco Bar.” – Via Lauren S. on TripAdvisor

Guest testimonial of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

“Great Staff! The staff at Villa Del Palmar is excellent. They are personable professionals and have become our friends. Some of the people that have made our annual trip extra special are Manuel in the marketplace restaurant along with Abraham, Gregoria, bellman Uzi, Amador, Emmanuel, Martin, Hugo. Rafael waiter, grill chef Adrian and head chef Gary, Edgar, Eduardo, Candellaria, Armando and Jesus, managers Oscar and Mercedes, hostess Lipida and Sheyla, Mercedes beach-bar Fidel and David…each and every one of the wonderful staff attended to every need for fun and delightful, and I truly consider them family that I enjoy visiting every year. Manuel and Abraham, were always ready with a smile and help us with our Spanish. Perfectisimo!” – Via Jane S. on TripAdvisor

Guest testimonial of Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas

“Great service! Eduardo was our waiter by the pool, and he was awesome. Alex was our pool concierge. He was great too. Great staff! Accommodations are outstanding. Food is excellent. I would do the all-inclusive again.” – Via Jeffery S. on TripAdvisor

Guest testimonial of Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

“Relaxing trip once again! We’ve been coming to PV for the last 15 years, 2-3 times a year, when possible. We love the staff who ALL work hard. The check-in when traveling can be crazy because we’re traveling all day, but don’t be rude to those who are just trying to help ease you into your space as they are just doing their jobs and help us, tired travelers. We are mellow and smile and laugh a lot with the staff. We are very much at home at VDP. Families with children are welcome. Safe and secure. The staff everywhere on the property is great. Onofre, Felix, Ely, David, Miguel, Yessi, Angelica, Lorenzo, Celestino, Etelvita, Ignacio, Ana, our camarista,..everybody.

A special thanks to Jesus M, who is a poolside assistant who was on site every day to help get our umbrella up. Another great staff member, so be kind and respectful to him and smile and thank him….”- Via Jack E. on TripAdvisor

Guest testimonial of Villa del Palmar Cancun

“Great resort; awesome staff! We decided on Villa del Palmar for our recent family reunion. Expectations were not high given we were arriving at the busiest time (new year) and had a large group (30+). First things first, the staff at the front desk were great (especially the front desk manager Mr. Jose Rios) in accommodating us and doing their best for all of us to have our rooms even though some of us arrived before the check-in time.

The restaurant staff also went above and beyond accommodating our large party during dinners. Their one-bedroom suites were super spacious, including 2 bathrooms with shower, bathtub, kitchens, and washer and dryer. The cleaning crew did a tremendous job making sure our room was always clean and made up. The food selection was really good too. Our favorite dinner sport was probably the steakhouse and the sushi restaurant; both had great food and ambiance. Lastly, the waiting staff at the pool were really great. Even though the resort was at full capacity, they always were able to find us lounge chairs and made sure our cups were never empty. Thanks for everything.” – Via Ray2200 on TripAdvisor

Guest testimonial of Villa del Palmar Flamingos

“All the condos have a beautiful view of Banderas Bay from their large balconies. The Concierge staff, Robin, Laura, Carlos, and Rochelle provide excellent service and will make your stay very memorable. The beach and restaurant staff are very attentive to your needs and wishes. Our housekeeping maid, Leticia, keeps our condo spotless, and supplies are replenished daily if required. The cocktail parties for the owners are a special treat that is greatly appreciated. We consider this our home away from home.” – Via LoveTravel93138 on TripAdvisor

Universal Vacation Club International, The Villa Group, and Resortcom are committed to providing our members and their guests with extraordinary experiences. We would like to thank you for choosing to vacation with us through the years, being part of our member family, and allowing us to share in your memories!

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