Villa Group Update-Hurricane Relief

In the event that any Villa Group Resort is directly impacted by a hurricane, we want you to rest assured knowing that you will be taken care of. The resorts are committed to focusing on the protection of our members and guests and provide continual training to ensure that this safety is maintained. Throughout the year, the resort practices emergency response drills and mock evacuations so that the staff is ready to help all members and guests should a hurricane arise.

The following are steps that the resorts have in place during a hurricane:

  1. Notify all members and guests about the storm.
  2. Verify information with the National Hurricane Center (NOAA) to devise a Contingency Plan.
  3. Hold staff meetings to explain the conditions and delegate responsibilities. In these meetings, the Hotel Hurricane Emergency Brigade is integrated and each person on staff is assigned specific responsibilities.
  4. Check Government warnings and advise members and guests accordingly.
  5. Install shelter at the resort so that all have a safe area to protect them from the hurricane. This shelter is stocked with lounge chairs, linens, towels, canned food, fruit, bottled water, lamps, and any other necessary equipment.
  6. Relocate members and guests from ocean front and ground floor rooms to allocated non-risk areas.
  7. Clear beach and pool areas of all objects to ensure the safety of everyone.
  8. Housekeeping delivers necessary items to the rooms of members and guests.
  9. The Emergency Hurricane Committee is on duty during the watch for the storm to make sure that everyone is safe.
  10. The resort calls for a General Information Meeting in the lobby area for all members and guests. During this meeting current storm updates and protocols are discussed.
  11. During the storm, all staff has a designated area to be in to ensure the safety and well-being of all members and guests. The Hotel Hurricane Emergency Brigade is on duty-ready to help in any way needed.
  12. After the storm, the resort has a meeting with all members and guests to check-in with everyone and ensure their needs are met.If the power is out during a storm, the resort has a satellite phone so that they can receive updates on external conditions, caution advices, emergency requests, etc. The resorts also have their own electric power plant which provides access to computers, phones, and radios in common areas and offices. The phone system is connected to the electrical power plant and members and guests are able to use the phones for communication because of this. Staff will be walking around the halls to support members and guests throughout this time.
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4 thoughts on “Villa Group Update-Hurricane Relief

  1. Meetings and responsibilities are fine, but I”m wondering whether you have strong shutters for the windows and any other physical protections for the property? Thank you.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your inquiry. The resorts have double glass protection on all windows to protect everyone from a storm should a situation arise.

      Kind Regards,
      Brittany Blanscet

    1. Hi Vera,

      Hurricane season is June thru October (sometimes this extends into November). Hope this helps!

      Best Regards,
      Brittany Blanscet

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