Points Membership Benefits

Points Membership Benefits When it comes to your membership, a points membership provides you with many options so you can get as much out of your membership as you desire. Vacations That Suit the Way You Travel Your points membership gives you the flexibility to book different unit sizes at different Villa Group resorts in […]

The Main Point of Points

The Main Point of Points Have you ever compared your timeshare membership with friends or colleagues at work and realized that you really have the best deal? Points offer flexibility, giving you a better opportunity to plan your vacations for when and where you want them. Here are the main reasons to enjoy your points […]

Bank Your Points

Photo Credit: Jessica Metcalf at Villa del Palmar Cabo We hope you have had a chance to vacation this year, taking advantage of the many options available to you with your membership. If you still haven’t enjoyed a well-deserved vacation and you don’t think you will have chance to travel this year, don’t forget to […]

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