Strategies to Avoid Vacation Ownership Scams

Universal Vacation Club International and the Villa Group place paramount importance on the safety and security of our members’ personal information. At all times, we protect and secure your information from outside companies.  ALWAYS: Know who you’re talking to.  If you are talking to a legit representative of a company, they will gladly provide you […]

Scam Update

Vacation club ownership is a great way to enjoy your favorite vacation spots year after year with the benefits of a home away from home. Club Members who invest in a vacation club membership travel to beautiful destinations with luxurious accommodations and all the comforts of home. Being a vacation club member, you gain access […]

What You Need to Know to Avoid Scams

Your privacy comes first to us here at UVC International. But unfortunately, in today’s world, scams do happen. To help you navigate these situations, we have gathered the below information and resources so that you can best protect your membership. We have tried to answer all questions regarding this topic below. However, if you still […]

Scam Alert

While you are at home practicing social distancing, protecting yourself, and caring for your loved ones, many scammers are trying to take advantage of you during this vulnerable time. Scammers are aware that individuals are not traveling and may need money, so they are contacting owners and offering to purchase their timeshare. These scammers are […]

Scam Update

Universal Vacation Club International, the Villa Group, and ResortCom are working together to inform all of our members about the measures that they can take to protect themselves from scams. Be aware that scammers frequently pose as people or companies that you may be familiar with. They also pressure you to give them money, “act […]

Villa Group Update-Protect Your Membership from Scams

Dear Valued Members: Protecting you and your membership is our top priority at UVCI. Unfortunately, as you are probably already aware, scams are a regularly-occurring circumstance within the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. We want to help you protect your valuable investment with some educational resources directly from our legal department and our industry partners. […]

Scam Advisory

As our valued member, we are driven to guide, inform, assist, and protect you. It has been brought to our attention that many members have frequently fallen victim to sale, rental, resale, and other types of scams. We are extremely distraught by this insight and want to encourage you to be proactive when it comes […]

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