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Vacation club ownership is a great way to enjoy your favorite vacation spots year after year with the benefits of a home away from home. Club Members who invest in a vacation club membership travel to beautiful destinations with luxurious accommodations and all the comforts of home. Being a vacation club member, you gain access to exclusive amenities and services for unforgettable trips that allow you to escape everyday stresses and indulge in travel, relaxation, and adventure.  

With the rising popularity of vacation club ownership, scammers are becoming more prevalent in their attempts to target club members. To ensure the safety of your membership with us, it’s important to stay updated on how to protect yourself from these fraudulent schemes. We invite you to read on to discover effective methods to identify and avoid vacation ownership scams in this article. 

The Latest Scam – Creating Domains That Look Like Ours 

To deceive our members, scammers create domains that look real or like ours. and are sample domains that have been used by scammers that resemble our company but are not us.  

This year, some members have reported receiving fraudulent emails from the domains above. Despite our efforts to shut down these fraudulent domains, scammers create new ones using similar wording to continue their malicious activities. These emails resemble our legitimate company communications, even using the same logo. However, there are distinct differences that you can look out for, such as the address and the phone number provided, which is not ours.  

The fraudulent company sends attachments detailing the steps for solving a problem or getting different benefits derived from your membership. These documents may seem genuine and appear from our Club, but they are a scam. We caution you not to follow the instructions provided in these attachments. 

We advise you to compare what you have received with other legitimate emails and newsletters we sent you. Above all, check the phone number, business address, website, or email address.  Even something as simple as one number in the address being off is a flag that the communication is by a scammer.  

When to Be Suspicious of a Scam – 6 Red Flags to Look For 

  1. Frequent unsolicited phone calls from strangers selling irresistible products or services? It’s probably a scam. 
  2. Feeling bullied or rushed into buying something without time to think? It’s likely not legitimate. 
  3. Beware of suspicious callers claiming to work for a government agency without proof. 
  4. Automated sales calls from unknown companies? You’re probably being targeted by scammers. 
  5. Asking questions and the caller abruptly hangs up? They’re up to no good! 
  6. Asking you to wire money to a bank account “outside of the United States” should be a red flag. Contact member services at 1-800-852-4755 or if calling internationally 800-461-0602 before sending any money. protect your membership from scams

6 Common Scammer Tactics to Be Aware Of  

Scams come in various forms, with tricksters reaching out through cold calls, emails, or letters. Their offers often seem too good to be true. They apply pressure to make quick decisions and payments, leaving no time for second-guessing. Here are common tactics used by fraudsters: 

  1. Creating urgency: Scams often pressure you into rushed decisions. Legitimate companies provide ample time to consider offers. 
  2. Catching people off-guard: Con artists succeed by catching unsuspecting individuals off-guard. Asking for personal information upfront should raise red flags. UVCI, the Villa Group, and Tafer Residence Club never ask for account information unless you initiate contact. 
  3. Misrepresentation: Savvy con artists may misrepresent themselves and create fake websites. Always do your due diligence to verify the legitimacy of individuals and companies. 
  4. Persistence: Scammers often flood you with unsolicited emails and calls to create a false sense of importance and urgency. 
  5. Paying upfront: Scammers may claim to have a buyer for your vacation ownership but require payment before providing contact information. In most cases, the buyer doesn’t exist. 
  6. False promises: Scammers make guarantees and offer services to entice you into paying for unwanted things. 

8 Ways to Avoid Falling Prey to Scams  

Being a Club Member has benefits but stay informed and exercise caution to stop tricksters. Follow these tips to protect your vacation ownership property and enjoy all the benefits: 

  1. Stay informed about vacation ownership scams. 
  2. Don’t trust companies promising to help you exit your ownership. 
  3. Be cautious of offers to buy your ownership for more than you paid. 
  4. Don’t share personal information with unknown entities. 
  5. Only pay for services after completion. 
  6. Avoid wire transfers after unsolicited emails or calls. 
  7. Consult trusted experts before making decisions or paying money. 
  8. Research businesses online to confirm legitimacy.

How to Report a Scam  

In the event you have been contacted by a fraudulent resale or exit company, report the individual and company to the following agencies:  

Please Note the Following  

  • Your private information is safe and secure with us. We never sell personal information to third parties. We work hard to protect it at all times. 
  • Our primary goals are member happiness and satisfaction. We aim to provide a memorable luxury experience in Mexico, with superior customer service and a 5-star resort experience. 
  • We value your membership and will keep you updated to safeguard your investment and maximize its benefits. 
  • If you receive a potentially fraudulent offer, contact us at 1-800-852-4755 or Together with law enforcement, we will protect the vacation property industry from scammers. 

In our Club, we wholeheartedly empower our members to stay one step ahead of potential scams and fraudulent activities that may come their way in the realm of vacation club ownership. We want you to know that your safety, security, and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. Should you encounter any suspicious contact or dubious offers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Member Services team right away. Together, we can ensure the integrity of the vacation club ownership industry and guarantee your ongoing delight in all the perks of your membership. Stay vigilant, stay protected, and keep enjoying your membership experience! 

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