Exciting Enhancements Coming Soon to the Kids’ Club at Villa del Palmar Cabo

We are delighted to announce an exciting transformation that will be taking place at the beloved Kids’ Club at Villa del Palmar Cabo! Starting this month (August 2023), our Kids’ Club will be undergoing approximately a two-month renovation, making Villa del Palmar Cabo an even more extraordinary destination for our young guests.

This photo showcases what the Kids’ Club used to look like. New photos will be provided once the renovation is complete.

The remodeled Kids’ Club will be conveniently situated on the ground floor, replacing the current outdoor chess game area and the offices directly behind it.  

Inside the Kids’ Club, a welcoming reception area will greet children and their parents, providing a secure and comfortable space for registration and pick-up. With a focus on entertainment, our revamped Kids’ Club will feature a state-of-the-art video game zone, offering young gamers thrilling digital adventures. 

Movie magic will come alive in our dedicated cinema area, where kids can enjoy their favorite films surrounded by friends. The new club layout will also include a ‘Didactic Space’, designed to stimulate learning and creativity. Here, children can engage in various educational activities and games, ensuring their time at the Club is both enjoyable and enriching. 

There will be a dedicated ‘Arts & Enrichment Area’, providing children with the opportunity to unleash their imaginations and explore their literary interests. A private bathroom area will be available to ensure the comfort and convenience of our youngest guests.

This photo showcases what the Kids’ Club used to look like. New photos will be provided once the renovation is complete.

And last but certainly not least, the highlight of the outdoor section will be an exhilarating playground, ensuring endless fun and adventures for our little visitors. 

This project is anticipated to take approximately two months to complete. During this time, the current Kids’ Club at Villa del Palmar Cabo will be located in the Hospitality Suite and operating as normal. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive towards creating an unrivaled vacation experience for our junior visitors at Villa del Palmar Cabo! 

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