How do you like your Tequila?

The Zama Restaurant is located in the heart of the beautiful Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort and Spa. This restaurant is the perfect choice for food connoisseurs yearning for a twist on classic Mexican dishes and cocktails. One of the unique features at this fine dining establishment is its 43 brand tequila wall. The next time that you dine at Zama, we encourage you to allow our experienced servers to guide you and heighten your dining experience by pairing your meal with a pleasant tequila that is sure to entice your senses. In addition to a wide variety of tequila options, you will be able to taste their delicious mezcals. The mezcals at the Zama Restaurant offer flavoursome and smoky flavors.


Tequila Tasting Activity

While staying at Villa del Palmar Cancun be sure to take part in our free tequila tasting event which is held every Monday afternoon in front of the Zama Restaurant. This activity is hosted by our Zama Restaurant and resort personnel. This tasty event gives you the opportunity to drink, mingle, and engage with others. Villa del Palmar Cancun is your home away from home, so have some drinks with us, and be sure to stick around for some fun!


Other Resort Activities

Villa del Palmar Cancun delivers its guests the vacation of a lifetime and offers everyone the chance to experience the tropical wonders of the Caribbean and the delights of Mexico! There is something for everyone and their entire family to do when they stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun!

Some fun activities:

Water Volleyball –  With the guidance of our resort staff you can keep cool while you exercise with this fun activity.

DAYS OFFERED: Monday & Sunday 

LOCATION: Main pool near activities hut

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sunblock and drinking water


Cooking Lessons – Have you ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade from a qualified chef?

Join us at Davino, Zamá, Caprichos or Hiroshi Restaurant for a fun cooking class!

LOCATION: Either Davino, Zamá, Caprichos or Hiroshi Restaurant


Monday – Italian

Wednesday – Mexican

Thursday – Baking

Saturday – Japanese


The Kids Club and the activities team have a number of interactive games to keep your children happy and entertained. From musical chairs to board games, pin the tail on the donkey, educational computer games, interactive shows and more. There is no end to the fun at the Kids Club!

LOCATION: Various (please meet at the Kids Club)


RECOMMENDATIONS: Sunblock, hat, and drinking water


Space is limited for all events and activities. The resort reserves the right to change, alter or terminate the event schedule at any time with or without notice. Upon arrival, please see staff at the resort for additional details.







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3 thoughts on “How do you like your Tequila?

  1. Who is club specialist at Cancun? See you soon, thanks. Also it would be nice to hear about golf in area.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Currently we do not have one onsite at Cancun now.

      Best Regards,


    2. Hi Charlie,

      Currently, we do not have a Club Specialist in Cancun. We will keep all members posted if this changes.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Best Regards,

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