Travel Packing (A Minimalist Guide)

Travel Packing TipsTravel Packing (A Minimalist Guide for women…sorry men you tend to do better at packing less than the ladies!)

Packing a bag for travel can be stressful. Especially with the cost of checking your bags going up, and the limit on the size of toiletries you can bring going down. Being a woman, I feel it’s especially hard to pack because you want to have the comforts of home, but you just can’t realistically fit that.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you plan on doing during your trip. Are you going to be lounging around by the pool or beach all day? Are you going to be hitting up the night clubs or going to fancy dinners? Maybe you plan on doing a lot of adventurous activities. Figuring out what your travel style is first, will help you to pack.

This next section is about packing only 8 items that will work to make at least 12 different outfits (if not more). Packing basic items that are in a color palette that will mix and match is best. Here are the 8 items:

  • Printed Top
  • Solid Top
  • Patterned Tank
  • Neutral Colored Cardigan
  • Colored Pants
  • Colored Shorts
  • Solid Color Skirt
  • Jeans (I pair)

I didn’t give any specific details, because this idea will work with any colors or patterns you choose (just make sure they complement each other).

Here are the outfit possibilities!

  1. Colored Cardigan+ patterned tank+ jeans+ necklace
  2. Printed top, solid skirt
  3. Printed Top, colored pants
  4. Solid top, colored pants, necklace
  5. Solid top, jeans, scarf
  6. Printed top + colored shorts
  7. Printed Top + jeans + necklace
  8. Colored top + colored shorts
  9. Colored Top + colored skirt
  10. Patterned tank + colored pants + necklace
  11. Patterned tank + colored shorts + necklace
  12. Patterned tank + colored skirt

You can make more outfits by pairing the cardigan over any of these, if it’s a little cooler out at night. Hopefully this post just gets your creativity going, and you are able to pack less in your bags, but have more choices than you know what to do with!

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