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After Club Caribe’s Annual Meeting three members of the UVC International team went to the Village Spa to reconnect with their inner peace after a busy week of meetings. Their experiences shed light on the unlimited possibilities for wellness and tranquility available at the Villa del Palmar Cancun. Please read along to find out what you may encounter during your next visit to The Village Spa.

Ts’aak Massage Experienced by Cynthia Lasher, Client Services Manager


In Mayan, “Ts’aak” means “healer” and Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Signature Ts’aak 80 minute massage did exactly that.  The treatment incorporates different techniques such as stone therapy, deep tissue, and pressure points.  It was a wonderful combination that was not too intense.  I am a very stressed and busy single working mom, and have a hard time relaxing.  But from the very beginning, the therapist helped me abandon my earthly concerns and embrace the feeling of well-being that was waiting for me. The temperature in the room was slightly cool and she immediately adjusted it so I felt warmer.  The volume and selection of music added to the environment instead of taking away from the ambiance by being too fast or distracting.  I love the moment in a massage where you lie face down on the table and place your face in the soft pillow.  It gives me a feeling of safety and anonymity, like a child who believes if he covers his face he can’t be seen. It allows me to escape and to start to let go. On the table with the soft sheets warming me, and the light in the room dim but not too dark, I felt cradled in a nest of comfort and peace.  In conjunction with the pressure of her hands and arms, the therapist used several different aromatherapy essences, and as I breathed them in I felt a loosening in every cell.  The soothing rhythm of her touch, the earthy and exotic music, the feel of the air in the room and the fragrance of the oils combined powerfully to heighten all my senses and created the sensation of floating in another world.  When your physical body can be that unbelievably relaxed, yet your mind simultaneously feels aware and connected to everything, you know that your body and soul truly are being healed on a profound level.  Deep, deep layers of stress and tension are being shed, leaving room for clarity and hope and health.  It was a wonderfully therapeutic experience and I wish I could feel that calm and balanced all the time.


Relaxing Massage-Experienced by Norma Rivera, Operation Coordinator

Walking into the Village Spa I immediately noticed a change of pace. Time seemed to stand still and everyone around me seemed calm, which is unusual in this seemingly chaotic world. The vibrant green forestry that surrounds the entire spa made me feel like I was in a remote jungle oasis. ‘I could spend a whole day here and not get tired of this beauty,’ I thought to myself as I was led by my therapist to the treatment room.

I had the 50 minute Relaxing massage at 9:00 am and this served as a refreshing way to start my day.  The cabin where the treatment took place was wonderful with perfect temperature and relaxing music. I felt transferred to another world as my therapist used Swedish massage techniques to relax every muscle in my body. The continuous gentle touch soothed me to sleep and I awoke feeling more refreshed than ever. The staff was very friendly and attentive and I enjoyed how they took their time to provide me with a tour of the facilities. I ended my journey at the spa with a refreshing fruit infused water as I lounged by the plunge pool and felt the cool mist from the above misters lightly sweep over my body. This was a wonderful way to end my trip at Villa del Palmar Cancun as I returned home feeling completely relaxed and ready to conquer the world!


Mystical Mayan Facial-Experienced by Brittany Blanscet, Social Media & Communication Specialist

Upon entering the Village Spa I immediately transitioned from a stressful demeanor into a tranquil state as my eyes took in the surrounding lush greenery, the mystical Mayan cabins, and the refreshing water misters. I paused, closed my eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath as I stood next to the luxurious plunge pool and felt the subtle embrace of water sprinkle over my body, reminding me that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest extent no matter what obstacles may come. I opened my eyes and made my way to the lounge chairs in front of the plunge pools. As I sat down, I was welcomed by a staff member who put a heated shoulder wrap around my neck and a cooling eye mask over my eyes. I sat there and drifted off into a state of relaxation and continued to feel the mist from the water gracefully embrace every part of my body.


After enjoying the lavish outdoor area, I was guided to my own personal treatment cabin that was called “Maya,” signifying the air element in Mayan culture. As I entered the cabin, I sensed the cool flow of air sweep over my body, reminding me that air is what causes everything to flow in life. Upon lying down on the massage table my eyes naturally closed as I felt the soft cushion of the table underneath me and the inviting sheets lightly hugging my body. ‘Relaxation at last,’ I thought, and this is when my mind started to drift off into a peaceful state, almost separating my mind from all of the earthly tension I had been feeling lately.


During the facial, I was subconsciously awake yet I was in what I believe to be my utmost state of relaxation. My therapist treated me with never ending kindness and luxury during my whole time at the spa. My favorite part of this facial was when the two- layered sculpting mask made of oatmeal and soy protein was applied to my skin. After this application, my therapist put a heat lamp over my face for what seemed to be about five minutes as this mask dried, working wonders on my skin. After this step, my skin was rinsed with cool water and massaged by the gentle hands of my therapist to ensure that my skin was clean and relaxed. A cooling sensation came over my skin as aloe vera was massaged into my pores, clearing away any toxins. By the end of my facial I was asleep and woke up to the calming sound of a bell, guiding me back to a conscious state. My skin felt softer than it has in years and my whole body felt physically renewed.

Woman with clay facial mask in beauty spa.

After the facial, my therapist gave me a list of products that she used on my skin, which were all recommended for my skin type. I loved the calm demeanor of my therapist, the serene ambience of the spa and the smooth skin that I had for days after my facial. I was swept into a world of relaxation at The Village Spa and am grateful that this experience provided me with the opportunity to rejuvenate my entity and return home feeling recharged.


The Village Spa is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For the Spa Menu please click here. We look forward to you having an indulgent relaxation experience at The Village Spa during your next vacation!

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