Eagle’s Wings Foundation Loreto Inaugural Grant Program

The Villa Group Loreto partners will match donations for 2024!

School Supplies Needed for the children of Benito Juarez school!

Eagle’s Wings Foundation (EWF) is thrilled to announce the formalization of its regional grant program for the Islands of Loreto region. The Developer partners of Villa Group Loreto, Luz Maria Torres, Owen Perry, and Dr. Brenda Perry have appointed Lili Lucero Orozco as the EWF representative for the Loreto region, and she will be officially welcomed to the Eagle’s Wings Board of Directors in November 2023. Lili works as Corporate Executive Assistant for the resort development group in Loreto. She is honored to be joining the Eagle’s Wings Foundation family in a volunteer capacity and is excited at the many opportunities to help the men, women, and children of Loreto.

For the first series of EWF Loreto grants, The Villa Group Loreto Developers, Owen Perry, Luz Maria Torres, and Dr. Brenda Perry have generously offered to match the amount raised. This will provide substantive aid to the region. Loreto will begin by focusing on the educational needs of the children in the area. It is a privilege for Eagle´s Wings Foundation Loreto to announce that in its first fundraising year, Owen Perry will make a special donation with the hope to improve the educational quality of the children of Loreto. EWF Loreto has identified schools that require varying degrees of assistance, facilities and buildings that lack air conditioning or drinkable water, students that need direct scholarship aid, students that need nutritional support, and teachers that are severely lacking in classroom resources. The formal Call for Grant Requests will be published this month with guidelines to each organization requesting funds regarding the projects that are permissible. The group is also in the process of creating a local nonprofit “sister” organization for Loreto, like Alas de Aguila in Puerto Vallarta, which will help facilitate tax benefits and the distribution of donations made locally and will allow for relationships with a wider range of needy organizations in the region.

The first area of focus will be the Benito Juarez School, a secondary school that supports children 12-15 years of age. Lili is working with the administrative to provide socioeconomic information on the 30 students who attend this school for purposes of transparency, and to be able to track their progress over time. The children need supplies! Although funding will be made available next year, right now the children are in desperate need of basic school supplies, and anything you can bring to donate during your next trip would be so appreciated. Lili plans to gather all the donations she can, bundle them, and when the children return to school after Christmas, she will present them each with wonderful school supply packages.

Please consider bringing some of these items during your next trip to Loreto:

  1. Pencils and pens
  2. Colored pencils
  3. Protractor and compass geometry sets
  4. Calculators
  5. White Out (correction fluid)
  6. Notebooks (kids need around 6 or 7 per semester)
  7. Highlighters
  8. Backpacks
  9. Erasers
  10. Colored markers

Eagle’s Wings Loreto will start a breakfast scholarship program this November, in which thanks to the donations you make through the “Left Over Pesos” program and with the Program where The Villa Group Loreto donates assets and sells them in bazaars for collaborators it was possible to raise enough to offer 1,000 breakfasts for children from the Benito Juarez Secondary School.

If any member has a larger donation they may need assistance coordinating, please contact Lili directly at the email address below. The authorities are obliged to confiscate items that they suspect will be resold for profit. Therefore, documentation can be provided identifying the items as charitable donations to ease any concerns going through customs.

Lili Lucero Orozco

Email: eagleswingsloreto@vgloreto.com

Office tel: 613 135 2521

WhatsApp: 612 141 7080

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