New & Improved Referral Program

Are you ready to be rewarded for spreading the word about your vacation privileges?

Share your experience and double your enjoyment!

Introducing our NEW & IMPROVED Referral Program 

Earn unlimited Reward Credits just for sharing your joy! 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Referral Program: Villa Beachfront Rewards, where both you and your friends get rewarded with each successful sign-up and purchase. You can find out more information by clicking here

Details of the Referral Program:

Your Referral: By signing up for the exclusive invitation received via a referral link from a Villa Preferred Access, your friend will become an exclusive beneficiary of an amazing vacation at an unbeatable price!

Villa Preferred Access Members: Receive a referral bonus after your referral has signed up using your referral link, and upon meeting the requirements. You will get rewarded with up to $1,650.00 USD worth of rewards credited to your personal account.

What’s in it for me:

The reward value of the credits is based on the current rate of US $1.00 USD per credit.

Rewards Table

(Value of one credit is $1.00 USD)

Members who refer new members will get their credits multiplied based on their status.

VPA Member = 1x

Elite 4 star = 1.5x

Elite 5 star = 2x 

Residence Club Member = 3x

How to Get Started:

Go to our website at and log in with your member account.

  •   Accept our Terms and Conditions and discover all the Benefits.
  •   Get useful information about our Referral Program.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Referral Customer Service Team by email at or by phone at 1-866-946-8873 during business hours: Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Standard Time (CST).

How to Redeem your credits:

There are easy options you can choose from to redeem your reward credits. Credits can be used to pay your maintenance fee at the Redeem Credits Section or to pay your final bill upon check out at the end of your stay. If you need help with redeeming credits, you can always contact us for assistance.

Why our Referral Program:

There are no referral limits! You can now refer as many friends as you want; you and your friends will each be rewarded upon meeting the requirements.

Rewards credited are shown in your personal dashboard – Our participating members will receive their bonuses once all conditions are met and within 4 weeks after your friend(s) attend the sales presentation.

With our updated rewards program it is easy to Refer!

…and even easier to Redeem!

Start sharing today!

Disclaimer: A minimum of 50 credits required per redemption. Credits may not be used to pay for taxes, tips, and service fees. All reward credits will expire one year from the date credited to your account. Reward Credits are non-transferable and can be redeemed only by the original account owner. This offer may not be combined or used with any other discount, coupon code, other marketing offers, or promotion unless it is expressly permitted by the referral program.

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