Preferred & Gold Time Reminder

Preferred and Gold Time is additional rental vacation time available that Villa Preferred Access and Gold members can use through the Club in the summer season for discounted rates. This option is called Preferred Time for Points members and Gold Time for weeks members. Preferred and Gold Time must be booked by October 31st this year.

The key advantage of Preferred and Gold Time is if you decide to use this space, you are only responsible for the maintenance fees of the additional rental time that you use. You can use Preferred and Gold Time to extend your trip or reserve two units at the same time in the summer season (weeks 18-43). Preferred and Gold Time is a good choice if you don’t want to borrow a future year’s use. You can view a Weeks Calendar by membership type by clicking here.Tiki Bar - Villa del Palmar Cancun

An additional benefit is that you can add Preferred or Gold Time to your standard Member Time to get a larger unit or extend your stay for reservations during weeks 18 through 43, when your Preferred or Gold Time booking is made less than 60 days before your planned arrival date. Otherwise, Preferred or Gold Time reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance, subject to availability.

Here is a recap of what Preferred and Gold Time is:

  • You can only use Preferred or Gold Time during May through October (weeks 18 – 43, summer season).
  • Pay only for the pro-rated maintenance fees for the Preferred or Gold Time you use.
  • Preferred and Gold Time is only available for members in contract.
  • You can use Preferred or Gold Time instead of borrowing from a future year’s use.

If you have any questions or would like to book your next extraordinary vacation please contact Member Services at 800-852-4755.

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