Understanding the New Convenience Fee For Points Redemption Options

At Universal Vacation Club International, we’re devoted to making your vacation experiences extraordinary. We continually innovate and develop programs that not only enhance your membership value but also make every vacation unforgettable. In December 2023, we introduced that members could use up to 100% points redemption on select vacation options

These select vacation options include all-inclusive meal plans, rejuvenating spa services, Palmita Market certificates, and Signature Services. Please be aware that on-site room upgrades, incidental expenses, service charges, transportation, tours, and external activities do not qualify for points redemption.  

Since launching up to 100% in points redemption for select vacation options, the popularity of our Points Redemption Program has seen remarkable growth and interest. By permitting 100% points redemption, members can decide how they wish to utilize all their points and ensure they get the most out of their annual points allotment.  

This increased demand in points redemption activity creates the necessity to maintain a well-staffed Member Service team, ready to process the growing number of transactions efficiently.  

To continue providing enhanced services and allowing members the flexibility to choose how they utilize their points a nominal convenience fee of $0.02 cents per point will be assessed for any non-reservation redemption of points. This fee, designed to support the sustainability of offering such diverse points redemption options, will be automatically included at the time of booking. This slight adjustment enables us to ensure that our services remain top-notch, reflecting our commitment to making your vacation experience as rewarding and flexible as possible.  We’re thrilled to continue offering this feature to our members and eagerly anticipate your return, as we continue to welcome you back to your home away from home.  

Note: Services and amenities available will vary by resort location. We encourage you to contact your agent for precise services and their costs at your destination of choice since all prices and point values are subject to variation. The maximum number of points required for any purchase may change. If insufficient points are available in a member’s account, a monetary payment option is available. Terms and conditions are subject to adjustments without prior notice; some restrictions may apply. Information subject to change at any time.   

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10 thoughts on “Understanding the New Convenience Fee For Points Redemption Options

    1. Hi Shirley,
      No, this discount is only when using cash to pay for the meal plan, not points.

    1. Hi Luc,

      An agent will be reaching out to you to follow-up on this request. thank you!

  1. I just booked and was advised that my points were only valid for 50% of the points value for AI, AND that the 10% discount for 5+days was not honored if I used points. Please advise.

  2. “convenience fee of $0.02 cents per point will be assessed for any non-reservation redemption of points”

    What does this mean exactly?
    The way I read it is if I don’t habe a reservation already I get charged $0.02 per point. Doesn’t make sense.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for reading our blog. Please be advised that I have forwarded your question to our Member Services team, and they will be reaching out to provide clarification.

      Best Regards,
      Your UVCI Team

    1. Hi Josie,

      Thank you for reaching out and showing interest in purchasing a Palmita Market certificate with your points. Your inquiry has been forwarded to our Member Services team, who will assist you and provide the necessary guidance.

      Best Regards,
      Your UVCI Team

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