Unique Summer Activities in Mexico

Mexico has long been a winter destination for many travelers, a place to escape from the cold and savor the beautiful white-sand beaches and soak up the rich culture that radiates from every part of Mexico. The landscape, flavors, colors, and cultural heritage of Mexico draw people from all over the world. But did you know that Mexico is also a fantastic place to visit during the summer months? With great surfing, flowers in full bloom, lush tropical plants popping up everywhere, and plenty of local festivals throughout the country where you can immerse yourself in the culture, Mexico is the ideal choice for a romantic summer getaway or a family holiday.  

Although the summer is considered the rainy season in many of the beach destinations in Mexico, visitors can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and the rain showers provide a welcome reprieve from the summer heat. The rest of the days are bright and sunny, so you can carry on with your outdoor activities at the beach, by the pool, or explore the shops and sightseeing attractions in the area. But it doesn’t hurt to have a handful of indoor activities on your bucket list for those rainy summer afternoons.   

In this summer travel guide for Mexico, we’ve rounded up some unique local festivals and activities to do this summer in Mexico. Whether you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos, Loreto, or Cancun, we’re sure you’re going to want to add these to your must-visit list!  

Puerto Vallarta   

Visit the Lush Summer Gardens of Vallarta Botanical Gardens   

With the arrival of summer and the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta comes Mother Nature at its best. Summer is when all the vibrant colors and captivating floral fragrances of paradise bloom to life. The best place to see all the beautiful local flora and fauna in Puerto Vallarta is at the Vallarta Botanicals Gardens. It’s just a 45-minute (18-mile) drive from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta to the botanical gardens where you will be immersed in the beauty of nature. This 64-acre botanical garden will mesmerize you with its magnificent variety of exotic native plants, bromeliads, and orchids in a stunning display of electric colors and aromatic fragrances. Click here to visit the Vallarta Botanical Gardens’ website.

Explore the Flavors of Mexico with a Food Tour of Puerto Vallarta  

Summer is an ideal time to visit Puerto Vallarta – fewer crowds, more affordable rates, and an uber chilled-out vibe! While tropical rain showers happen on an almost daily basis, the good news is that it typically only starts raining late in the evening, so during the day you can still enjoy outdoor activities. And what better way to spend a summer afternoon in Puerto Vallarta than taking a food tour? For foodies, this is a must!   

Mexican food is so much more than tacos and quesadillas. The best way to learn more about the diverse and delicious cuisine is to join a tour and get the down-low from a local who can give you an insider look into the best traditional dishes of the area and the best places to eat them. Check out Vallarta Food Tours, their food tours are a great way to learn about Puerto Vallarta while simultaneously sampling the local delicacies. The tour starts downtown, just a mere 10 minute (3 miles) drive from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta. 

Summer Events in Puerto Vallarta You Won’t Want To Miss  

National Charro DaySeptember 14  

If you’re looking for an authentic and unique activity in Puerto Vallarta to experience this summer, don’t miss National Charro Day on September 14th. Nothing screams Mexico more than charros (Mexican cowboys) and mariachis! Celebrations start with charros on horseback, riding down the streets to the backdrop of live mariachi music. There are plenty of fun activities for kids and adults including a parade down the Malecon, a lasso tournament, a grand street party, and all the best Mexican delicacies you can fit in your stomach!  

Mexican Independence Day – September 15 and 16  

Mexico becomes one big party on September 15th and 16th for Mexican Independence Day and Puerto Vallarta is a great place to celebrate! Enjoy authentic Mexican food, fireworks, and parades with non-stop mariachi music. The country’s biggest festival goes until the sun comes up and is followed by a huge celebratory parade through downtown.   

Both of the events will be held in downtown Puerto Vallarta at the Malecon, which is a quick 11 min (3 miles) taxi ride from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta.  

Riviera Nayarit 

Learn Salsa Dancing  

The charm of Mexico is all about the sumptuous flavors, vibrant colors, and stunning landscape. But when you think about Mexico, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about the rhythms and dances of Mexico too! What better way to spend a rainy tropical night during your summer holiday in Riviera Nayarit than learning salsa dancing? Experience the rhythms of Mexico and dance the night away. It’s a unique way to really participate in local tradition and culture. It’s a lot of fun for first-timers to Mexico and it’s a skill you can bring home and enjoy there as well. Visit El Gallo in San Pancho on Fridays or in Sayulita every Wednesday at Selina’s. It’s a quick 30-minute (15 miles) drive to both pueblos from Villa del Palmar Flamingos Nayarit. Both venues offer a free salsa class starting at 8:00 pm and host weekly salsa nights with live bands throughout the summer.

Hike to the Volcano in Chacala  

Riviera Nayarit has a rich landscape with numerous unique places and hidden gems to visit in the area. This includes a volcano crater, waterfalls, and ancient petroglyphs.   

Summer is an ideal time for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts to explore the northern area of Riviera Nayarit which is home to the picturesque and sleepy fishing pueblo of Chacala. Not only does it have one of the most beautiful and serene jade-colored seas in the area, but you can also hike up to the impressive volcano crater from Las Cuevas beach. You should opt to go with one of the local guides to learn about the history of the area and the landscape.  

Among its other natural attractions is the nearby El Capomo waterfalls and a cave that has ancient petroglyphs in Altavista (Los Petroglifos de Altavista). This is a great day trip from Villa del Palmar Flamingos Nayarit. It will take approximately 60 minutes (50 miles) to drive to Chacala from the resort. Feel free to reach out to your Member Services agent or concierge for assistance with tour bookings.  

Los Cabos 

Volunteer to Release Sea Turtles  

Take part in a unique experience in Los Cabos, the release of turtle hatchlings to the sea.  

From late summer to early winter, this region becomes a hub for sea turtle activity, as five diverse species migrate to the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortez to lay their precious eggs. Among these species are the olive ridley, hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead, and green turtles. Guests who wish to participate in a sea turtle release can visit Rancho Carisuva. From August to early January, they host sea turtle releases that allow guests to be part of this special moment. The tour commences at 4:30 pm, lasting for about an hour and a half.  

At the ranch, a knowledgeable biologist will provide fascinating insights into the world of sea turtles, allowing you to witness their nests before proceeding with the memorable release into the ocean. The cost of the tour includes convenient roundtrip transportation from both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, making it easily accessible for visitors.  

Rancho Carisuva is located just a 13-minute drive (2.5 miles) from Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco, and approximately a 27-minute drive (13 miles) from Villa La Valencia. This is a very rewarding and unique activity – families with children especially love it! 

Cross the Hanging Los Cabos Canyon Bridge  

Take a picturesque 7-mile (16-minute) drive from Villa La Valencia Los Cabos through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Baja to the Los Cabos Canyon Bridge. At 1,082 feet long, it’s the longest wooden pedestrian bridge in the world. For thrill-seekers who love adventures and riding ATVs, then this is a truly unique adrenaline-pumping activity! From the bridge, you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the rustic canyon. For guests staying at Villa del Arco Cabo or Villa del Palmar Cabo, the drive will take you about 25 minutes and is around 13 miles away. 

Summer Events in Cabo San Lucas You Won’t Want To Miss  

National Charro Day – September 14th  

Celebrate an authentically Mexican experience in Cabo San Lucas this summer by joining in the festivities of National Charro Day, observed on September 14th. The day kicks off with a captivating sight of charros, the renowned Mexican cowboys, elegantly riding their horses through the town. Dressed in exquisite traditional charro attire, adorned with beautifully decorated jackets, pants, and sombreros, they showcase a splendid display of culture. The horses, meticulously groomed and wearing traditional equipment, accompany them in the parade, which commences at 10:00 am. The festivities carry on throughout the day and evening at various charro rings, where thrilling events such as bullfights, calf roping, and lively traditional Mexican food and dancing await to be enjoyed. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant heritage of Mexico! 

Mexican Independence Day – September 15th and 16th  

Mexican Independence Day officially starts on September 16th, but the festivities begin the day before, on September 15th. On this evening, the central plaza comes alive with enthusiastic celebrants taking part in the traditional Grito, or Cry for Independence. The event is marked with a vibrant display of fireworks, folk dancing, and the lively tunes of mariachi bands. The following day is a national holiday, celebrated with a lively parade that winds through the heart of the town, followed by ongoing festivities including musical and dance performances and indulging in authentic Mexican cuisine.  

One of the most iconic meals on Independence Day is chiles en nogada, a delectable dish of stuffed chiles smothered in a creamy walnut sauce. Join in the festivities to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and flavors of Mexico! 

Both of the events will be held in downtown Cabo San Lucas, which is an 8 min (1.6 mile) taxi ride from Villa del Arco and Villa del Palmar Cabo and a 20 min (12 mile) taxi ride from Villa La Valencia Los Cabos. 


Visit the Famous Cenotes Without The Crowds  

Cancun is well-known for its mysterious underground translucent blue rivers flowing through rugged limestone caves, known as Cenotes. There are many Cenotes to explore near Cancun, but Rio Secreto is one of the most amazing cenotes. You can venture off by yourself or you can do a tour that will take you to a few different cenotes in the area. Ask Member Services or your Pre-Arrival agent for tour recommendations. This unique experience is even better during the summer when there are fewer crowds. You can enjoy these natural gems in harmony with the serenity of mother nature. The 60-minute (50-mile) drive to Rio Secreto from Villa del Palmar Cancun takes you deep into the lush jungle where you will see all the amazing flora and fauna of the area on the way.  

Boat Trip to the Magical Isla Contoy National Park Bird Sanctuary  

Isla Contoy is a tiny island (near Isla Mujeres) that is absolutely bursting with wildlife, flowers, and birds during the summer and rainy season. It has been designated as a National Park Bird Sanctuary, allowing only 200 people on the island per day. It’s a lovely area for nature and bird enthusiasts to see thousands of birds from 170 different bird species.  You can also hop in the water for some snorkeling explorations of the electric blue waters to swim among the sea turtles, gorgeous coral reefs, and colorful schools of fish. The boats leave from Puerto Juarez, which is only a 10-minute drive from the resort and the boat ride to Isla Contoy takes about 20 minutes.  

Summer Events in Cancun You Won’t Want To Miss  

Swim with Whale Sharks 

You can swim with dolphins practically anywhere in the world. But there are only a handful of places where you can have the unique experience of swimming with the majestic and gentle whale shark, and Isla Mujeres is one of the best places to do it! Large families of whale sharks make the area north of Isla Mujeres on the Yucatan Peninsula their home over the summer months from May to September. These magnificent creatures, which happen to be the largest fish in the world and an endangered species, grace the waters of the area. Measuring up to an astounding 12 meters in length, these gentle giants provide a family-friendly encounter like no other. Despite their enormous size, they have a serene and friendly demeanor, making the interaction with them an unforgettable and safe experience. Ask your Pre-Arrival or Member Services agent about available tour options. 

Islands of Loreto  

Explore the Secluded Requeson Beach   

For travelers who are always on the hunt for off-the-beaten-path spots, Requeson Beach is one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches across the Islands of Loreto. You will be immediately impressed by the serene and peaceful atmosphere of this place, as well as the truly spectacular turquoise waters. You can even walk across to the nearby island when a secret sand bar is revealed during low tide. If you have a car and want to go for a bit of a drive (1 hour 45 min – (80 miles) from Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto) along the amazing coastline of Loreto and explore some of the more private beaches in the area, add Requeson Beach to your list. Trek the Sierra de Guadalupe Mountain Range 

When vacationing in Loreto, hiking may not be one of the first activities that come to mind, but the area is actually a trekker’s paradise. And during the summer months and rainy season, the vegetation and landscape are lush and vibrant with all the new summer blooms. The countless hiking trails through the Sierra de Guadalupe Mountain Range will take you through the rugged and rocky terrain where you will come across a variety of landscapes including a secluded tropical oasis. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto has three hiking trails of its own on the property that give you stunning views of the bay, surrounding islands, and the mountains.  

Summer Events in the Islands of Loreto You Won’t Want To Miss  

Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture At The  ‘Our Lady of Loreto Festival’  

Experience Loreto like a local during the annual summer celebration of Loreto’s patron saint – Our Lady of Loreto. During the Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de Loreto festival which begins at the end of August and continues until September 8th, the charming town of Loreto comes alive. Immerse yourself in the traditions and history of the area for a unique and authentic experience. There are lots of lively activities, great seafood to be eaten, and ongoing celebrations during the week. The celebration culminates in a procession of the Our Lady of Loreto statue being carried through the town while fireworks light up the sky. From Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, the scenic drive to downtown Loreto along the coastline is around 40 minutes (26 miles).  

As you can see, there are plenty of unique ways to explore Mexico during the summer months. Please note that all activities mentioned may change at any time. By immersing yourself in the local Mexican culture, you’ll have a richer experience and create lasting memories. From salsa-dancing the night away to overindulging in chiles en nogada – you will be happy you chose the summer months to travel to Mexico to get a real insider’s look at the country.   

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