Cabo San Lucas Food and Beverage Updates

emmanuelFood always tastes more delicious on vacation, doesn’t it? When we are relaxed we can take our time to savor all the flavors and nuances of a delectable meal.  Plus, it’s just a treat to have someone else prepare and serve it! Either way, one of the greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a sumptuous feast.  At VDP Cabo San Lucas and Villa Del Arco, the Food and Beverage staff is determined to have you leave Cabo saying, “That was the best meal I can remember having!” They are committed to their craft, and have implemented important new changes that elevate the entire gourmet experience to a new level:

* All-Inclusive Meal Plan – you deserve nothing but the best, and so the meal plan has been upgraded to include the finest cuts of meats, more refined and sophisticated selections of wines and liquor, and a wider variety of offerings than ever before. Quality, variety, and convenience – the meal plan is the way to go if you want to be treated like royalty!

* Buon giorno Italy! You may be in Mexico, but you are in for a Mediterranean treat when you visit our fine dining Italian restaurant, Bella California. The new chef, Emanuele Olivero, is recognized in the region as “the best Italian Chef in Los Cabos” – don’t miss a chance to find out for yourself! There’s also a new selection of fine Italian wines to choose from.

* More great new Chefs – In addition to Emanuele Olivero, Villa Group Los Cabos has added two new players to its top flight culinary team: Chef Candelario León, formerly at Ventanas al Paraiso has taken over the kitchens at La Casona and La Parrilla Restaurants, while Chef Jorge Salas, a Baja native from Cabo´s legendary LaFrida Restaurant is now in charge of our El Patron Restaurant. The presence of these talented chefs is further evidence of the culinary upgrades taking place at our resorts, and of the significant value afforded by the All-Inclusive Meal Plan.

*Professional Chef Training Program – Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco are creating an environment of culinary professionalism.  Their cutting-edge training program encourages the food and beverage team to build loyalty and proficiency. “A” Chefs groom “B” Chefs, and teach them the basics of food preparation, presentation, cooking methods, knife skills, food safety and other techniques. As an reward, each cook is presented with a set of expert knives.  This program fosters mastery of culinary skills and a vested commitment to the resort group. This approach will ensure the constant evolution of a great team of sous and head Chefs at all of the Villa Group resorts.

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