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coronado pg 8Recently my mother and I took a long weekend to celebrate my last birthday in my 40’s.   One of the best days we spent was on our excursion to the lovely island of Coronado.  On the way from the dock, our captain Juan was going fast enough on our Panga to make it fun and the ocean spray felt invigorating.  We were followed by dolphins, and stopped to see sea lions, blue footed boobies, and pelicans.

Once on the beautiful island, all we did was enjoy.  The water was a gorgeous turquoise and completely clear.  The beach was a stunning combination of white sand and dark volcanic rocks.   Coronado has an inactive volcano, and we explored the unique terrain of rolling hills, desert, and volcanic cacti.  We took the shortest of several well marked hiking trails that looped back to the beach, where we did some yoga and relaxed in the sun.

It was so incredibly peaceful and unspoiled. No emails, no agenda – just wind, sea, sand, and sun.

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